The Suburban Ideal

It’s as if everybody’d made this tacit agreement to live in a state of total self-deception. The hell with reality! Let’s have a whole bunch of cute little winding roads and cute little houses painted white and pink and baby blue; let’s all be good consumers and have a lot of Togetherness and bring our children up in a bath of sentimentality – Daddy’s a great man because he makes a living, Mummy’s a great woman because she’s stuck by Daddy all these years – and if old reality ever does pop out and say Boo we’ll all get busy and pretend it never happened.

Jeg elsker dette utdraget fra Revolutionary Road skrevet av Richard Yates. Det er en av bøkene jeg har valgt til masteroppgaven min. Blant annet bruker jeg dette utdraget for å diskutere “the suburban ideal” og det typiske A4 livet. En veldig god roman, må være en av mine favoritter.

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