who are you really

write write write
write anger, write pain, write emptiness, write insane insanity
of the mind, far from kind
kindness, what is kindness, politeness
small talk, empty talk, nothing-talk
there’s nothing interesting about it, but it keeps you
occupied and bored, straightening up your shirt
straightening up your hair
outward appearance, so cool, so fancy, so fine
whatever, never mind
who are you really, stripped down to the core of your
self, of your self
who are you really
the core of your soul, your soulful mindful authentic self
is there even such a thing
the outward appearance, the fake kindness, the performance
blurs and disturbs that which is real
are we merely products of mainstream and mass production
write write write
write this shit down or burn it to the ground
bet you wouldn’t believe it anyway
or would you


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